Tax information

I was recently hired. Can I complete my tax forms online?

NO.  Forms cannot be submitted electronically as the Federal and State government require us, the employer, to retain tax forms with an original signature. PLEASE NOTE: In order for us to process a pay check, all forms must be printed, signed and returned to 506 Culkin IN PERSON, along with proper identification to satisfy Form I-9.

Included in this section are links for the tax forms and instructions on completing them.

Federal Income Tax-

PDF iconFederal income tax form(PDF)
IF you are a NEWLY hired student, printing your forms from this site, YOU MUST COMPLETE THIS FORM.  AND, you MUST have a response on either line 5 or line 7.
  • Complete Step 1.
  • Complete Steps 2-4 ONLY if they apply to you; otherwise, skip to Step 5.
  • Complete Step 5.

NY State Income Tax-
IF you are a NEWLY hired student, printing your forms from this site, YOU MUST COMPLETE FORM IT-2014 OR Form IT-2104E NOT BOTH. 

Form IT-2104 or Form IT-2104-E (PDF)

  • If claiming withholding, complete Form IT-2104: Employees Withholding Allowance Certificate.  NOTE:  if using this form you MUST have an answer under box 1.
  • If claiming exemption from taxes, complete Form IT-2104-E: Certificate of Exemption from Withholding. You must meet the criteria listed on lines 1, 2, and 3 of the form.

Employment eligibility verification: form I-9(PDF)

  • Complete Section 1. Bring appropriate documentation establishing identity and employment eligibility to 506 Culkin Hall. Most common forms of identification are:

    List A: U.S. passport (must NOT be expired)
    List B  Driver's license/permit or School ID card AND  List C  Social Security card or Birth Certificate
    (See Form I-9 for the complete list of acceptable identification.)