EXCEL: Experiential Courses and Engaged Learning offers a variety of experiential learning opportunities, where undergraduate and graduate students can experience active, dynamic learning and be introduced to the process of engaged learning outside the traditional classroom.

Students may serve their community and participate in their own learning process and derive meaning from the interaction between ideas, experiences, and research, helping them to become job-ready graduates through internships, co-ops, service learning and courses.

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In light of the COVID-19 mandates to minimize the spread of the virus, our EXCEL team will be available via excel@oswego.edu during business hours 8am-4pm. We will have limited access to the physical office in the Compass but we do have access to our campus systems to allow for seamless service. Please contact us as needed.

Internships and Co-ops

Internships and co-ops are a great way to learn outside of the classroom, and earn academic credit. Whether it's for a semester-long internship or a 6-month co-op, these experiences will help boost your resume and expand your professional network. Most importantly, they give you the opportunity to explore different career options, gain real-world experience and build confidence.

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Service Learning

Our many service learning courses can provide you with the skills to become an active citizen who understands the importance of being civically engaged and involved in your community. Engaging in service learning can help you gain a greater understanding of the needs of local, national, and global communities. Build your resume and network while making a positive impact.

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EXCEL Coordinated Programs

EXCEL sponsors two full-year, school-based programs which provide positive role models for children, including academic or social support during critical periods of transition and development. Focus Forward matches college students with adolescents in surrounding school districts to help middle and high-school students learn about goal setting, perseverance, and social transitions. The Oswego Children’s Project provides students interested in areas of counseling and social sciences an opportunity to learn about the theory and implementation of child-centered non-directive play techniques in an elementary school to promote connectedness, self esteem and resilience.

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College and Career Preparation Courses

We offer a variety of credit-bearing courses that will help students increase their success in college and prepare for experiential opportunities and life after college. There are several courses that assist students to assess their strengths, find their passions, market themselves, and give back to their communities.

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My internships have given me more hands-on experience. I'm not only sitting in a classroom, but I am able to be active and travel within my own campus and community to get work done. This type of experience gave me more opportunities to work in a way I enjoy; every day isn't the same and there is variety in my work days.

I've been treated as a valued individual while working as a co-op in the technical communications department, and the people I've met here are all incredibly diverse, generous, and accessible.

GST 101 is one of the best classes I decided to take at SUNY Oswego. In this class, we learned and talked about topics I knew were going to be of use to me right away. We built a resume, cover letter, and talked about how to approach interviews. If not for this class, I would not have felt as prepared as I did while on the hunt for a career.

SUNY Oswego has given me the opportunity to participate in numerous internship programs. Each experience has helped me in both my educational and professional path, and gave me the industry insight on where I want my career to go in the future.

Employers look to hire the candidates who are the most work-ready, and the co-op is a fantastic opportunity to do that. I would recommend for everyone to do it if given the opportunity.



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