People Search

People Search Help


PeopleSearch allows you to quickly and easily find contact information for members of the campus community as well as campus offices and departments.


By default, entering a search term will look for all faculty/staff, students, and departments with matching information. Results are displayed and broken out into these three categories (faculty/staff, students, departments) to easily decipher people from offices and departments.

In the default search mode, PeopleSearch takes your search term and looks for any part of it within a person's first and/or last name, within any part of an office or department name, and within a faculty/staff affiliated department. For example, if you entered "english" as your search term, you would get results back for the English Department, faculty/staff and students that have "english" as part of their first or last name, as well as the faculty/staff affiliated with the English Department regardless of whether the search criteria matches part of their name.

If you would like to narrow your search results, uncheck any of the "Department," "Faculty/Staff," or "Student" checkboxes depending on what you are looking for. To continue the example above, if you were only looking for students that have the word "english" in their first and/or last name, you would uncheck the "Department" and "Faculty/Staff" checkboxes before clicking on the "Search" button.

You can also narrow search results by entering part of a first name and last name. For example, if you were looking for a person named John Doe, you would uncheck the "Department" checkbox and then try any of the following search terms; "John", "doe", "John doe", "John D", etc.


If there are no search results, check the spelling of your entry, or try to search for only the last name. For example, John Doe could not be found by searching for "Jon Doe".

You can also limit the number of results by unchecking groups that you are not interested in seeing, such as only having "Department" checked to find information for a specific office or department.


If you receive a technical error such as "Can't connect to server", please notify the CTS Help Desk by calling (315) 312-3456.