How do I make a reservation?
Anyone requesting use of the Fallbrook facilities must first contact Auxiliary Services at 506 Culkin Hall (315.312.3670) to secure the date(s).  Reservations are taken up to one year in advance of the month of the event, on a first come-first serve basis only.  All groups must complete a Reservation of Facilities Request Form generated by the Auxiliary Services' Accounting Office and obtain the appropriate signatures.  The signed Reservation of Facilities Request form must be returned to Auxiliary Services prior to the date of the event.

Is there a fee?
Non-campus affiliated events are charged a user's fee of $50 a day for the Lodge or $100 a day for the Barn and/or Lodge, to cover insurance.

What if I need to cancel a reservation?
Should a reservation need to be canceled, please contact Auxiliary Services at 315.312.3670, Monday - Friday, 8 am - 4:30 pm. If making a last-minute cancellation during non-business hours, please contact the Fallbrook Manager at 315.216.6736.

What are the hours of operation?
The Ski Lodge is available by reservation from 7 - midnight every day, excluding holidays.  The Barn is open April 16 - October 31 and is available by reservation from 7 - midnight, excluding holidays.  The Fallbrook grounds officially close at dusk.

What else is available?
A volleyball net and ball and an outdoor cooking grill (users are responsible for providing charcoal and starter fluid) are available by request.

Can food and alcohol be brought to the Fallbrook property?
In accordance with SUNY Oswego's campus policy on alcohol, alcohol is not permitted to be consumed/served at the Fallbrook Recreational Facilities unless an event is catered by Auxiliary Services Campus Catering.  If there is a need for catering or alcohol, the user will be referred to Campus Catering at 315.312.2992.  The availability of Fallbrook does not guarantee that Catering will be available, and the availability of Catering does not guarantee that Fallbrook will be available.  It is the user's responsibility to contact both offices to coordinate their event.  Arrangements must be made with Campus Catering approximately four weeks in advance in order to obtain an alcohol permit.  An outside caterer cannot be used to serve an event at Fallbrook.  If there are no catering or alcohol needs, users are welcome to bring their own food to their events.