We are delighted that you have chosen to attend SUNY Oswego. Soon you will embark on an exciting journey, and we’re here to support you as you navigate the new places, people, opportunities, and lingo that SUNY Oswego has to offer!

The New Student Orientation Experience is designed to support your transition to our campus, prepare you for academic success and to foster robust social connections. Through a mix of in-person and virtual experiences, we aim to provide you with the resources you need to feel confident in your decision to become a Laker! We look forward to supporting you through this journey.

Get Started Now

Prior to registering for an in-person orientation program or completing Online Orientation, you must complete a series of new student steps, outlined in the New Student Menu. These steps include activation of your Laker NetID, completion of your academic and health requirements, submission of your Student ID Photo, and agreement to complete the New Student Orientation Experience. 

Components of New Student Orientation

All new, incoming students are required to complete Online Orientation, invited to participate in an in-person Orientation Program, and required to attend and participate in our August orientation experience. More information about each of the components can be viewed below. 

In-Person Orientation Program

If you’ve completed Steps 1, 2, and 3 in the New Student Menu, you can reserve your space at one of our in-person Orientation programs. Our in-person programs are designed to connect you with our campus community, College leaders, returning student mentors, and your peers. All new students are required to attend an in-person Orientation Program, and must also complete our Online Orientation Modules.

Learn about In-Person Orientation

Complete Online Orientation

Even if you attend a mandatory, in-person Orientation Program, you are still required to complete our Online Orientation program. Online Orientation is housed in Blackboard, our Learning Management System, and provides you with a comprehensive overview of student services that will prepare you for life as a Laker. 

Access Online Orientation

Laker Launch

In the week prior to classes, all new first year and transfer students will be required to join us for Laker Launch, our on-campus, extended orientation experience dedicated to introducing you to our campus culture. From trash cleanups along the lake to learning about student employment opportunities, nature walks at Rice Creek Field Station and more, this experience is designed to help you access all our campus has to offer. Check back in early July for more information. 

Link Coming Soon

Virtual Student Experiences

Our campus is committed to supporting the transition of new students. The Office of New Student Orientation has partnered with several key campus departments that play an integral role in the new student experience to provide newly deposited students with a variety of individualized experiences that will help students and families navigate the various requirements of enrollment and matriculation at SUNY Oswego. These include:

  • New Student Appointments | 1:1 Meetings with campus partners to provide you with real-time, individualized information regarding student needs.
  • Digital Social Connections | The Laker Leaders host a plethora of digital connections through their Group Chats and virtual social events.

Meet the Laker Leaders

During your Orientation experience, you’ll be connected with one of our returning student mentors who will guide you through the process and beyond. Our Laker Leaders and Programs Assistants participate in a comprehensive training program to ensure they can provide you with the highest level of service. They are proud Lakers and exceptional ambassadors of our campus community!

Linking Coming Soon.

Resources for Family Members and Supporters

Family members and supporters of our newest Lakers are experiencing this transition, too! The staff in our office is here to help you navigate these waters. Whether familiar or uncharted territory, we have resources to share and experiences to host that will benefit your Laker family. 

Join us at an In-Person Orientation Program

We are excited to invite all students who attend a mandatory in-person Orientation Program to bring one family member or supporter with them (age 18 or older.) Our programs are designed to introduce you and your student to the physical geography of campus, connect you with returning students, other Laker families, and College leadership. You can learn more about our programs, costs, and the overall in-person experience by clicking the link below.

In-Person Orientation

Take Advantage of our Digital Family & Supporter Experiences

We’ve developed a series of digital resources for all family members and supporters, whether you can attend a mandatory in-person Orientation Program or not. Through our 10+ summer webinars, weekly summer newsletters, our three Current Student Panels, and our community for families in the Oswego Admitted Student Zone, you’ll connect with faculty, staff, and returning students to learn all about life on the lake. 

Virtual Resources

Visit Us Virtually

Take a virtual tour to get acquainted (or reacquainted) with campus. Get an idea of the campus layout and become familiar with the majors and classes each academic building hosts, learn about the residence hall locations, the closest dining halls, and so much more!


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