Nutrition disclaimer

Oswego Dining Services is committed to providing an allergy friendly dining experience. However, the ingredients and nutritional content of food items served in the campus dining locations may vary. In addition, manufacturers may change their product formulation or consistency of ingredients without our knowledge, and product availability may fluctuate. While we make every effort to identify ingredients, we cannot assure against these contingencies. It is ultimately YOUR responsibility to determine whether to question ingredients or eat selected foods. Oswego Dining Services cannot guarantee the safety of students with life-threatening allergies.

If you require special assistance, please contact our Registered Dietitian Alicia Olsen at 315.312.3284 or

This site is not a substitute for the services of a trained health professional. Although we provide nutritional information for our recipes, the information on this site is for informational purposes only. No information offered by or through this site shall be construed as or understood to be medical advice or care. None of the information on this site shall be used to diagnose or treat any health problem or disease. Please discuss any concerns with your physician or registered dietitian.

Auxiliary Services Oswego Dining will assume no liability for any adverse reactions that may occur in the dining facilities.