Meal Plan Exemption

Meal Plan Exemption Requests

It is required that all students residing on campus participate in a meal plan.  We understand there are instances where students may require alternative meal options.

To request a meal plan exemption, the student must fill out the meal plan waiver request form and submit all documents that are required.

See list of required documents here.

Please note, students are not guaranteed exemption from the meal plan requirement.  Exemptions are only made if Oswego Dining cannot accommodate the restriction.

Purpose: This policy establishes the guidelines and process for students requesting a waiver from the mandatory meal plan for students that live on campus.

Waivers will not be granted for the following:
- Busy schedule
- Food preferences (likes/dislikes)
- Vegetarian/vegan diets
- Lactose intolerance
- Top 8 food allergy
- Gluten free diets


Students with food allergies or medical dietary needs should contact Ali Olsen RD, CDN at or 315-312-3284 before requesting a meal plan waiver.  In rare cases, that there is a medical, religious or dietary requirement that Oswego Dining cannot accommodate students may request to be waived from the meal plan.


Type of Meal Plan Exemption Requests

- Medical Dietary Restrictions
- Religious Dietary Observance
- Other


- Students requesting a waiver from the meal plan must fill out the meal plan waiver request form and submit proper supporting documents. This can be submitted here.

- Waivers will not be considered until all documentation has been provided
- An email to your account will be sent once all documents have been received.
- A decision will be made within 3 weeks of all documents being submitted.
- Meal Plan Waiver requests will be accepted during the following time frames:
 Fall Semester-Final Submission date is the last day to drop a class as defined in the College Calendar.
Spring Semester- Final submission date is the last day to drop a class as defined in the College Calendar.

- Meal plan waivers submitted after the deadlines will be considered for the following semester.

- A new meal plan waiver and supporting documents MUST be submitted at the start of each fall semester.

- The meal plan waivers will be reviewed by the Meal Plan Exemption Committee and the student will be contacted with a decision within 3 weeks.  Decisions will be emailed to the students email.  The committee may contact the medical provider during the review to clarify any questions.

- If a meal plan waiver request is granted the student will get a credit to their account.

- Meal Plan Exemption requests are not granted solely on a student’s status of being a vegetarian/vegan or due to a student’s food preferences.

- Please note, Oswego Dining Services does provide meal options for students who are on special diets and have food allergies.  If it is found that your dietary restrictions CAN be met by Oswego Dining, you are required to meet with the Registered Dietitian and dining hall manager to determine an appropriate menu within 10 business days of receiving the final notice.