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SUNY Oswego Clothing

Hewitt is beginning its transformation to the new home for School of Communication, Media and the Arts. What does this mean for our locations? The bookstore is no longer located in Hewitt, textbooks are only available by ordering online for pickup in The Space (located on the lower level of the Marano Campus Center). Artville is no longer in Hewitt and art/school supplies are now located at our store in 103B Lanigan. 

Bookstore (No longer in Hewitt - Online Textbook Orders to be Picked Up at The Space)
Store Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

All textbook purchases must be made online. We can ship it to you or you would be able to pick up your order at The Space (lower level of the Marano Campus Center). If you have a questions related to course materials, you can call (315) 312-2260  or email

Artville (No longer in Hewitt - Now located in 103B Lanigan)
Store Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

No longer in Hewitt and now in 103B Lanigan (formerly home to the Ontario Bagel Company). If you have any questions on art/school supplies, please call (315) 312-2261 or email

The Campus Center Store
Store Hours: Monday-Friday 9am-5pm

Where you will find the best selection, best quality, and best prices on Oswego clothing and emblematic items. We also carry Hallmark greeting cards and seasonal gifts. To control density, we do have to limit the number of people in the store at any given time. To prevent or reduce the chance of having to wait to enter, we ask that you not enter with lots of friends to shop; please come in alone or with one other person. While in the store, you must wear a mask and maintain 6 ft social distancing. Less touching of merchandise will also be appreciated. We are located on the main floor of the Marano Campus Center across from Crossroads and the Convocation Center. Questions? Please call (315) 312-5900 or e-mail