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Meal plan pricing

Meal Plan Prices
Per Semester

Meal Plans2013/2014 2014/20152015/20162016/2017
Full Board w/ $80 LDD$2310$2350$2400$2500
Any 12 w/ $80 LDD$2190$2220$2250$2330
Any 9 w/ $90 LDD$2060$2090$2120$2200
Any 7 with $100 LDD$1770$1800$1830$1910
Any 5 w/ $110 LDD$1430$1455$1480$1555
Any 2 w/ $250 LDD$960$980$1000$1060

  • All prices are "per semester".
  • The Any 2 meal plan is for residents of Lonis/Moreland and The Village.
  • Laker Dining Dollars amounts are for the semester and are included in the price of the meal plan.
  • Residential Dining Laker Dining Dollars balances only roll with the purchase of a Spring semester Residential Dining Plan.
  • The Oswego Guarantee is based on the student's first year of enrollment.
  • Full Board meal plan is mandatory for first semester freshman.
  • Full Board, Any12 and Any9 are options available for second semester freshman.
  • International students are excluded from the Full Board requirement.
  • Laker Dining Dollars balances roll from fall to spring only.
  • Balances left at the end of the spring semester do not roll to summer and cannot be refunded.