Auxiliary Services' Student Employment

Auxiliary Services is an independent not-for-profit corporation located on the SUNY Oswego campus. Our goal is to provide quality ancillary services to the college community. We are a progressive, student-oriented operation, employing over 500 student employees.

Who qualifies for student employment?
Any student who maintains full-time status is eligible for employment with Auxiliary Services.  Full-time status means maintaining a minimum of 12 credit hours as an undergraduate or 9 hours as a graduate student.  Last semester senior students with a minimum of 300 hours working for Auxiliary Services will also be considered full-time maintaining at least 9 credit hours for the semester.  During the summer this definition will mean having maintained or maintaining full-time status for the previous, present, or upcoming semester.  During the summer, students from other schools may be considered once all eligible SUNY Oswego students who have applied have been employed.

What types of jobs are available?
Students are employed in Residential Dining Services, Retail Dining and Catering, College Stores, and Accounting and Administration.

Are there any benefits?
YES. Besides wages and valuable work experience, there are also the advantages of convenient campus locations and work schedules compatible with your classes. Student employees are covered by workers' compensation, disability, and unemployment insurance. Direct deposit is available. Also, depending on the location and number of hours worked, employees in Residential Dining Services and Retail Dining are entitled to meals and/or snacks, and employees at the College Store, and its affiliates, and the Accounting & Administration office are entitled to a discount at the College Store.

How do I apply?

Via Email:

  • Print application from our website:    Application
    or pick up an application from any Resident Dining Center, Retail Operation or Catering.
  • Fill out the application.
  • Scan or take a clear picture (be sure to complete BOTH sides of the application).
  • Email to the location(s) you would like to work (see map on the application for locations).

The following locations can be applied to via email:

Lakeside Dining Center:
Cooper Dining Center:
Pathfinder Dining Center:
 Retail Cafes:
Marano Campus Center:


You should receive an email confirming receipt of the application within a week of submission.



  • Print application from our website. 
  • Pick up an application from any of our locations.
  • Fill out the application.
  • Submit at a location (see map on the application for locations).

    PLEASE NOTE:  While you may apply in person to all Auxiliary Services' work locations (see map on application), the following areas can ONLY be applied to in person:

    -College Stores (apply to the Marano Campus Center location for all College Store areas)
    -Accounting and Administration (506 Culkin Hall)
    -ID & Meal Plan Office (503 Culkin Hall).

If your qualifications and availability meet our needs, you will be contacted via phone or email.


For additional questions pertaining to student employment that are not addressed on this site, please call 315.312.3669,  email the Student Payroll Coordinator at, or book an appointment in room 506 Culkin Hall.