Lost or stolen ID

You can still use your meal plan by showing another form of identification to the cashier. (Driver's license, ID card from another school, etc.)

The cashier will ask you for your school ID number and use that to complete your sale.

The cashier will also put a "lost card block" on your account. This block prevents anyone else from using your Meal Plan or Laker Dining Dollars.

You will be allowed to use your meal plan for two business days while your account is blocked.  After that your account will be deactivated and you must come to ID and Dining Services Office in room 503 Culkin Hall to get your ID card unblocked if you have found it or replaced if you have not.

You can still use your meal plan over the weekend while your card is blocked.

To unblock ID cards you need to bring your current card.  If you have lost your card and need a new one the first replacement card is no charge.  After that it is $10 to get a new card, or $5 if you have an old ID to turn in.