ID Cards policy and procedures

The College requires all students to procure and carry a valid SUNY Oswego identification card. The identification card must be presented or surrendered upon request of a College official, including residence hall staff, University Police, Student Affairs staff, and students authorized by the College to supervise campus events, activities, and residence halls. The College identification card is used to access campus services, buildings, events, Penfield Library materials, and campus dining operations.

Failure to present a student identification card upon request by a College official, alteration or falsification of data on a College identification card, creation and/or distribution of falsified identification cards, or using an identification card to impersonate others are violations of this policy and may result in disciplinary action and/or arrest.

It is the student’s responsibility to replace the identification card if it is confiscated, stolen, lost, bent, broken, or worn beyond the point of readability by College officials and/or card readers used by the College. Replacement cards may be obtained at the I.D. and Dining Office, 503 Culkin Hall, in accordance with posted fees.