Auxiliary Services owns and operates the Fallbrook Recreation Center located on Thompson Road, Oswego, approximately 1.6 miles south of the campus.

What do the facilities consist of?
The Fallbrook facilities consist of a Ski Lodge and Barn, approximately 188 acres of scenic grounds, and three trails, two of which interface with Rice Creek. 

 The Lodge is open year-round and has an occupancy limit of 50 people due to fire code regulations.  The Lodge is heated and has a fireplace, electricity, running water, 13 round tables, 50 wood chairs, stove/oven, refrigerator, telephone, and restroom facilities.

The Barn is open from April 16 - October 31 and has an occupancy limit of 250 people due to fire code regulations.  The Barn is not heated, and has electricity, 20 - 6' long picnic tables (each seat 6 comfortably), a covered deck (2,013 sq. ft.), telephone, and restroom facilities.

Who may use the facilities?
Facilities are available by reservation to both campus and non-campus affiliated individuals and organizations with the approval of the Executive Director.