Health insurance

The changing climate of health care is a concern to members of the SUNY Oswego community.  As a result, the university has adopted a policy mandating that all full-time graduate and undergraduate students have medical insurance.  To meet the needs of uninsured students, we have contracted with United Healthcare Student Resources for our Health Insurance Plan. The policy, designed to meet the needs of students, will supplement the services available at Health Services. Students insured by managed care plans may find using their coverage in the Oswego healthcare market challenging to use. Taking advantage of this offer may complement the insurance coverage or managed care plan you already have.

The waiver needs to be submitted annually. Submission in the fall semester waives charges for both fall and spring.

Coverage begins on August 1, 2024. Students purchasing the insurance for both semesters will have coverage through July 31, 2025.  Full-time undergraduate and graduate students will see the charge for the insurance from August 1, 2024 to December 31, 2024, on the Fall bill.  This charge can be removed from your bill by submitting your insurance information in our portal below no later than September 15, 2024.  If the insurance is waived for the Fall semester, it will automatically be waived for the Spring semester.  The charge for the insurance from January 1, 2025, to July 31, 2025, will be on the Spring bill if it was not waived the previous Fall semester.  To remove the charge for the Spring semester, the waiver form must be submitted to the online waiver portal no later than February 15, 2025. The Walker Health Fee is a mandatory charge that supports Health Services.  It is separate from Health Insurance. 

Semester and Full Year Rates for the Academic Year 2024-2025 are available.  The annual cost for 2024-2024 is $2997 or $1498.50 per semester. A full breakdown of all fees and costs can be requested by emailing

Consider the following in making your decision:

  • Your family coverage may not go to college with you.
  • Insurance may be needed if a service is not provided at Health Services.
  • You're covered at school, at home, or when you visit friends.
  • It doesn't all end with graduation.
  • The SUNY Oswego Health Insurance Plan is simple and easy to obtain.

Rigorous thought and comparison with other insurance products on the market brought us to choose this policy which we consider to be a very good buy for the coverage offered.  Highlights of this coverage can be found in the portal below.  If you have further questions about the policy or how it supplements the primary care offered to all students at Health Services, please feel free to contact Steve McAfee, Auxiliary Services, (315) 312-2106.


Steve McAfee
Assistant Vice President and Executive Director

Health Insurance Portal

Questions about the Health Insurance Plan can be directed to:
Steve McAfee, Auxiliary Services
507 Culkin Hall
SUNY Oswego
Oswego, NY 13126
Phone: 315.312.2106 / Fax: 315.312.3310