Registrar's Office

If you cannot find what you need on our website, please email to submit your request / question. Email is the most reliable way to ensure we receive and respond to your inquiry.

The Registrar's Office will be closed Monday, January 18th.

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Winter Session Information

Diplomas for December 2020 degree recipients will be mailed by January 22nd.

 Spring 2021

  • Continuing degree-seeking Undergraduates who have not yet registered for Spring 2021 will need to follow the instructions here: Late registration permission
  • Not returning for Spring 2021? Information found here

Need proof that you're enrolled? Enrollment verifications are available in myOswego on the "Student Records" tab. Spring Advance Registration certificates are available, reflecting enrollment as of 12/16.

How To: email your class schedule to yourself (and/or others) and add it to your LakerApps (google) calendar (Video).

Registration information and resources, including videos, instructions and tips and tricks

Registration and Planning - a brief overview (.pdf, Video). See tips and tricks for more.

Check out Class Scheduler as an alternative Registration and Planning tool.

Need to get familiar with Degree Works? Check out our Degree Works videos

Degree Works "Plans" tab - See how Degree Works Plans work with the Registration and Planning link (Video)

Order official transcripts online!

New non-degree undergraduate students - Use this link to set up your account to register online.

New *international* non-degree undergraduate students - Use this link to set up your account to register online if you do not have a Social Security number.

Students who have obtained a Bachelor's degree and are interested in taking additional coursework (at the graduate or undergraduate level)  -- use this link to set up your account to register online.

Need a replacement diploma?

Have teacher certification questions?