Enrollment verification

(proof of enrollment)

Insurance companies, scholarship programs, lenders or other third parties may require you to provide an enrollment verification (also called proof of enrollment).

SUNY Oswego's official enrollment verification is offered through the National Student Clearinghouse (NSC). "Advanced Registration" certificates are available prior to the start of Fall and Spring classes. Enrollment data are submitted to the NSC on the first day of classes each term. Several updates are made throughout the semester. Changes you make to your schedule (adding a course, dropping a course, etc.) will be reflected in these updates.

If you are a newly admitted student and you have not started classes yet you will need to contact Admissions to receive enrollment verification. You can email them at admiss@oswego.edu or call 315.312.2250.

Enrollment verifications are free if accessed through myOswego, but are also available at www.studentclearinghouse.org for a small charge.

How to print an enrollment verification

Log in to myOswego, navigate to the Student Records Tab and select "Enrollment Verifications - National Student Clearinghouse".

Click "Continue" to the National Student Clearinghouse site.

Using the radio buttons, you can select "Current Enrollment" (current semester only) or "All Enrollment," which will provide a full history of your enrollment at SUNY Oswego. Depending on the time of the year, there may also be an "Advanced Registration" option for upcoming semesters.

Click "Obtain an Enrollment Certificate."

Be sure to log off (upper right corner of screen) before closing the tab/window/browser.

Please note:

  • Undergraduates are certified full-time at 12+ credit hours, half-time at 6+ credit hours.
  • Graduate students are certified full-time at 9+ credit hours, half-time at 6+ credit hours.

NSC uses Social Security numbers to verify students; therefore, if the Registrar's Office does not have your SSN on file you will not be able to obtain an online enrollment verification. Please visit the Registrar's Office to update your SSN information and obtain an enrollment verification.

If you do not have a valid address on file with SUNY Oswego, you will not be able to obtain an online enrollment verification. Please make sure your address information is correct prior to the start of term.

If you need to document grades, order a transcript.