Common forms and where to find them

Add Form - to request adding a course where you receive a registration error / restrictions for Instructor Permission, Classification, or Time Conflict, please contact the instructor, who may submit an online override. Overrides display on the "Check Your Registration Status" link in myOswego.
To add an Independent Study / Research / Teaching Assistantship, please contact the course instructor. They will be able to submit the information online to add the course (you'll be notified when complete).
For Prerequisite errors / restrictions, please contact your advisor, who may submit an online Prerequisite Deviation.

Application for Readmission (Undergraduate)

Audit Form - To audit a course, please contact the instructor. The instructor will submit a form requesting audit status. It is available during the ADD Period of each semester when permission to audit a course occurs. (Fall 2024 will be available on August 26th)

Change of Name Form - for updating legal name. Please refer to our FAQ "My legal name has changed - How do I update my records?" Requests for Preferred first name display are processed under the SUNY Oswego preferred first name policy.

Change of SSN Form - Please refer to our FAQ "How do I update my SSN?"

College Withdrawal Form - Please refer to our FAQ "I need to drop all my courses for this semester - what do I do?"

Combined Enrollment Form - Students who are undergraduate level seeking to take graduate courses must complete this form. You must have your Oswego email open in the same browser that you are using to submit this form.

Course Withdrawal Form - This form is available in MyOswego (fall/spring semesters only) under the Registration tab. Used during the Course Withdrawal Period - see college calendar for specific dates. The course withdrawal decision should always be made in consultation with your academic advisor. In addition to affecting academic progress, full-time students who withdraw from courses and drop below 12 credits in a semester may be subject to significant financial aid consequences. We advise that you contact the Financial Aid office before withdrawal if it will affect your full-time status. Appropriate course withdrawal fee(s) will be assessed.

Declaration and Change of Major/Minor Form - Currently enrolled Undergrads can submit a Request to Declare or Change a Major and/or Minor in myOswego on the Student Records Tab. To declare or add a major/minor, students need to discuss the request with the appropriate academic department(s). Declared students (who already have a major) should speak with their First Major Advisor before adding, changing or dropping a major or minor.
Prior to the first day of classes, New Incoming Students (freshman or transfer) need to contact Admissions with their request.

E to F Grade Request - Under specific conditions, Undergraduate students may request updating E grades from a previous major be updated to F grades. This can only be invoked once, work closely with an academic advisor in considering this request.

FERPA Student Records Access Authorization: To provide online access to information found in myOswego, students can assign a proxy using proxy access.

FERPA Revocation of Student Records Access (PDF) - Complete and submit this form to revoke previously authorized third-party access to non-directory student record information.

FERPA Authorization to Release Student Record Information (One-Time Release) (PDF) - Complete and submit this form to allow a one-time release of specific non-directory information from your student record to a third party. Commonly used to release information to lawyers, courts, law enforcement agencies, etc.

FERPA Student Information Release - Letter of Recommendation (PDF) - A release of student information form to authorize the inclusion of non-directory information in a letter of recommendation.

FERPA Confidentiality/Directory Exclusion Request (PDF) - Complete and submit this form to prevent the release of information about you or your enrollment at Oswego, including the publishing of your name in the campus directory. Please note - by its nature, filing this request will make certain services unavailable to you. Please read and consider carefully.

FERPA Revocation of Confidentiality/Directory Exclusion (PDF) - Complete and submit this form used to remove a previously-requested Confidentiality/Directory Exclusion.

FERPA Acknowledgement Form - Student Employee/Teaching Assistant - should be completed by students who, by nature of their assignment, may have access to educational records of SUNY Oswego students. You must have your Oswego email open in the same browser that you are using to submit this form.

Graduate Assistant MyOswego Authorization form

Immunization Forms are available on the Health Services site.

Independent Study / Research / Teaching Assistantship - please contact the course instructor. They will be able to submit the information online to add the course (you'll be notified when complete).

Off Campus Study Approval Form (PDF) - To take academic coursework at another institution and have the credit applied to your Oswego degree. Note: For Graduate level transfer credit, please refer to the Graduate Studies site.

Overload Approval Form - Contact your advisor to request permission to overload (register for more than maximum credits allowed in a semester). Approved overloads are processed the Friday prior to the start of the semester.Requests for overloads during Summer Sessions and Winter Session require the Dean's permission; contact the Dean of your college/school. Non-degree students should address their requests to Division of Extended Learning at

Pass/Fail Option Form - To take a course for pass/fail, rather than a letter grade. This option is available for degree-seeking juniors and seniors and non-degree students. A student may file a Pass-Fail option under advisement through the add period. No Pass-Fail option request for semester (or quarter) courses are considered after the add deadline for semester (or quarter) courses. You must have your Oswego email open in the same browser that you are using to submit this form. (Fall 2024 will be available on August 26th)

Prerequisite Deviation Form - For requesting a course prerequisite waiver. Please contact your advisor, who can submit the form electronically. For background, please read Prerequisite Policy Information.

Program Deviation Form - For seeking waiver/substitutions of academic program requirements. Please contact your advisor.

Replacement/Duplicate Diploma - Online ordering of duplicate or replacement diplomas, including certified copies for the Apostille process.

Senior Check Forms: Can be accessed from your Degree Works audit after applying to graduate.

Transcript Requests- Please see our Transcripts page. If you are going overseas and need a notarized transcript, please refer to the Apostille process.

UUP Waiver Form - available through Human Resources, 201 Culkin Hall,  315.312.22150.