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Common forms and where to find them

Add Form - Registration form to Add classes that require permission. Is also used to add a course after the deadline (see college calendar). Requires Dean signature. $20 fee.

Application for Readmission

Audit Form - To audit a course this form needs to be completed. It is available during the ADD Period of each semester when permission to audit a course occurs.

Change of Name Form - available in the Registrar's Office, 301E Culkin Hall. Please refer to our FAQ "My name has changed - How do I update my records?"

Change of SSN Form - available in the Registrar's Office, 301E Culkin Hall. Please refer to our FAQ "How do I update my SSN?"

College Withdrawal Form - Please refer to our FAQ "I need to drop all my courses for this semester - what do I do?"

Combined Enrollment Form - Students who are undergraduate level seeking to take graduate courses must complete this form.

Course Withdrawal Form - Used during the Course Withdrawal Period (after the drop period and before the end of the 9th week of classes) - see college calendar for specific dates.

Declaration and Change of Major/Minor Form - Currently enrolled Undergrads can submit a Request to Declare or Change a Major and/or Minor in myOswego on the Student Records Tab. To declare or add a major/minor, students need to discuss the request with the appropriate academic department(s). Declared students (who already have a major) should speak with their First Major Advisor before adding, changing or dropping a major or minor.
Prior to the first day of classes, New Incoming Students (freshman or transfer) need to contact Admissions with their request.

FERPA Student Records Access Authorization (PDF) - Complete and submit this form to authorize Registrar's Office staff to disclose non-directory information from your student record such as grades, GPA, class schedule, etc. to a third party (e.g. parent, spouse, corporate sponsor). Definitions of "directory information" and "non-directory information" can be found on our FERPA information page.
To provide online access to information found in myOswego, students can assign a proxy using proxy access.

FERPA Revocation of Student Records Access (PDF) - Complete and submit this form to revoke previously authorized third-party access to non-directory student record information.

FERPA Authorization to Release Student Record Information (One-Time Release) (PDF) - Complete and submit this form to allow a one-time release of specific non-directory information from your student record to a third party. Commonly used to release information to lawyers, courts, law enforcement agencies, etc.

FERPA Student Information Release - Letter of Recommendation (PDF) - A release of student information form to authorize the inclusion of non-directory information in a letter of recommendation.

FERPA Confidentiality/Directory Exclusion Request (PDF) - Complete and submit this form to prevent the release of information about you or your enrollment at Oswego, including the publishing of your name in the campus directory. Please note - by its nature, filing this request will make certain services unavailable to you. Please read and consider carefully.

FERPA Revocation of Confidentiality/Directory Exclusion (PDF) - Complete and submit this form used to remove a previously-requested Confidentiality/Directory Exclusion.

Immunization Forms are available on the Walker Health Center site.

Independent Study Form (PDF) to add an undergraduate independent study course.

Independent Study Form (PDF) to add a graduate independent study course.

(Documented) Late Course Withdrawal Form - Used after the Course Withdrawal Period (end of the ninth week of classes - see college calendar for specific dates). Will require documentation of extenuating circumstances. $20 fee.

myOswego Faculty Services Account (PDF) - Allows faculty access to services on myOswego.

Off-campus Study Approval Form (PDF) - To take academic coursework at another institution and have the credit applied to your Oswego degree.

Overload Approval Form - Contact your advisor to request permission to overload (register for more than maximun credits allowed in a semester). Approved overloads are processed the first day of the semester.
Requests for overloads during Summer Sessions and Winter Session require the Dean's permission; contact the Dean of your college/school. Visiting students should address their requests to the Dean of the Division of Extended Learning (

Pass/Fail Option Form - To take a course for pass/fail, rather than a letter grade. This option is available for degree-seeking juniors and seniors and non-degree students. Must be submitted by "Final Date to Select Pass/Fail Option" deadline listed on the college calendar.

Prerequisite Deviation Form - For requesting a course prerequisite waiver. For background, please read Prerequisite Policy Information.

Program Deviation Form - For seeking waiver/substitutions of academic program requirements. Available in the Academic departments; please see your advisor.

Replacement/Duplicate Diploma - Online ordering of duplicate or replacement diplomas, including certified copies for the Apostille process.

Senior Check Form: First Major - For use with Degree Works - undergraduate degree candidates. Do not submit prior to applying to graduate.

Senior Check Form: Second Major/Minor - Use for second majors and all minors. For use with Degree Works - undergraduate degree candidates. Do not submit prior to applying to graduate.

Student Employee/Teaching Assistant FERPA Acknowledgement Form - should be completed by students who will have access to educational records of SUNY Oswego students.

Transcript Request Form - Please see our Transcripts page. If you are going overseas and need a notarized transcript, please refer to the Apostille process.

UUP Waiver Form - available through Human Resources, 201 Culkin Hall,  315.312.22150.