The Apostille process authenticates the legality of documents exchanged between participating nations.  Students and alumni traveling overseas for work may be asked to provide diplomas and/or transcripts through this process. It's very important to be sure you require the Apostille before ordering.

Many foreign agencies and schools will accept documents with a College Seal and notarization, and do not require authentication by the County Clerk or Department of State. Regarding Apostille diplomas, many foreign agencies will allow an authenticated e-diploma rather than the Apostille diploma, so it is important to know which particular document you need before ordering.  E-diplomas can be authenticated online – eliminating the need for the Apostille diploma in many cases.

Materials requested for the Apostille process will be authenticated by the Oswego County Clerk and delivered to the requestor. It is the requestor's responsibility to complete the process by submitting materials to the NYS Department of State (https://dos.ny.gov/apostille-or-certificate-authentication). If  your country does not accept authentication by a U.S. State, further authentication by the U.S. Department of State may also be required.

Diplomasauthenticated duplicate diplomas can be ordered from our Replacement / Duplicate Diploma Ordering page through the Michael Sutter Company. When ordering, be sure to select the "Notary Service Added" option.

Transcripts - authenticated transcripts can be ordered online using Parchment. Simply select the "Regular Request - Apostille Transcript" option on the online order form and select "Myself" as the recipient. The total cost for each transcript processed for Apostille and delivered via US postal service is $17. Allow up to 2 weeks for processing after the receipt of signed authorization form.

If you need to request both a diploma and a transcript for Apostille, be sure to order the diploma through Michael Sutter Company and the transcript through ParchmentIf you have additional questions, please call us at (315) 312-2275.