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Wintersession Final Grade entry deadline: 11:59pm, Wednesday, January 29th.

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Advisor Resources:

Faculty Resources:

Classroom change for a course / exam: All changes should be submitted through the department in email to schedule@oswego.edu. Here are instructions to find an alternative classroom.

  • Go Here: events.oswego.edu
  • On the banner at the top of the page on the far right, click on the head figure to login. Use your Laker Net ID and Email password.
  • Choose "Locations" in left hand navigation.
  • In the "Date" field choose a date within the semester that is the same day of the week that you need.
  • Choose "Add/Remove locations" below the date field and a pop up box appears.
  • Buildings is what you see, Choose the "Views" tab and then "General use classrooms" and then update "Update Locations".

Room Reservations:

Course Information / Schedule Build

Course Look-up:

  • If you have any problems or questions, please contact the help desk: 315.312.3456 or help@oswego.edu
  • Use Chrome for the best results. VPN required if accessing from off-campus.
  • Select your parameters; term, department and/or subject(s). To select more than one subject use the Ctrl key.
  • Under ‘Get Courses’ you can select .pdf output or .csv output (for opening in Excel).
  •  With .csv output, a new tab will open with your selection. Right click in this page and select 'Save as...' (or ‘Save Page As...', depending on browser), saving it to your desktop or local drive. Name your document, giving it a .csv extension - e.g. "BIO Fall 2018.csv". 
  • Open the .csv document and resave as an Excel file for best results. 
  • LINK: Course Look-up link