Policy for scheduling classroom space

(Updated: June 19, 2008)

Policies governing the scheduling of classroom space are as follows:

  • Required single section courses with large enrollment should be scheduled first.
  • Lecture-laboratory type courses should be scheduled next.
  • Courses with more than one section should be assigned to as many different time periods as possible.
  • Schedule courses that should not be taken during the same semester at the same time.
  • Schedule courses that must be taken during the same semester at different times.
  • Courses scheduled before 4 p.m.* must conform to the standard pattern time, i.e. three days per week on MWF, two days per week on TTH, and beginning and ending at the designated times.
  • Schedule afternoon laboratories as late as possible to leave early afternoon time periods open for other classes.
  • Large courses that are divided into smaller sections one or two days per week should be scheduled during off-peak hours.
  • Departments should coordinate the scheduling of cognate and related requirements.
  • Individual faculty members should not be permitted to teach all of their courses during peak hours, i.e. MWF 9:10, 10:20, 11:30, 1:50, TTH 9:35, 11:10.
  • Departments should offer courses using a balanced curriculum, across all five days.

*Contact Registrar's Office for details