Readmission process

General information

Matriculated undergraduates who have missed a semester (or more) of study at Oswego must complete the Readmission Form. 

Once your form is received and processed, you will be sent further information on advisement and registration.

If you are seeking readmission following an Academic Disqualification, the Deans have established the following deadlines:

  • Deadline to readmit for spring semester - December 1
  • Deadline to readmit for Fall semester - June 1

Registration information

When you receive notice of an approved readmit request it will identify an advisement contact. You will need to speak with them and fulfill advisement requirements in order to get an alternate ("second") PIN. You will need this in order to register in myOswego. If your advisor did not give you an alternate PIN, please contact the department of your major.

Readmitted students may begin to register after they have been advised. Registration dates are available online. During winter and summer, some advisors will be available to you only on a limited basis. Contact the department of your major to determine your advisement options. Advisement may be available over the phone.

Things to consider

Students are readmitted to only ONE major; if you were formerly a double major, you will need to add the second major when you return.

If you change your major during readmission, you will want to review major requirements in the catalog and assess your progress in Degree Works. Here are some resources if you need to get familiar with Degree Works or need a refresher. A Degree Works audit may not be available to view if you have been away for an extended period.

If you have been away from Oswego for two or more years, you will be readmitted under a new catalog year reflecting current requirements. Be sure you identify and understand any new/different requirements.

Make appropriate arrangements to transfer in coursework you may have taken elsewhere while you were away.