Hold information

Several offices on campus place holds on student records. Some of these prevent registration, issuance of transcripts and/or diplomas. You can check for holds on the Registration Tab in myOswego (they also show on your Student Profile). Below is a guide to some of the more common holds.

Health Services Holds - Contact Health Services 315.312.4100.

Missing MMR Info Needed - The Immunization Form must be completed and returned to the Mary Walker Health Center before the semester begins or a hold is placed on your registration. Contact Health Services 315.312.4100.

Meningitis Hold - NYS law mandates that all students be informed about meningococcal meningitis disease and have an opportunity to decide whether to receive immunization to prevent the disease. Prior to registering online you will have the opportunity to read this information, give a date of prior immunization and/or decline/accept immunization. The hold will be lifted immediately upon completion of survey.

Code Of Conduct - All students are required to read and affirm commitment to abide by the Code of Conduct. You can read this information online and then respond on myOswego. Students are required to do this one time only. If you have not done so already, please read and respond before trying to register.

Incoming Student Hold - Placed by Admissions, this hold is automatically lifted at the start of the semester. You will then be able to add, drop or change your class schedule.

Student Account Holds - Contact Student Accounts 315.312.2225

Student Conduct Hold - Contact The Office of Student Conduct and Compliance (formerly Judicial Affairs) 315.312.3378

Housing - Contact Residence Life and Housing 315.312.2246

International Education - Contact International Education and Programs 315.312.2118

Library - Contact Penfield Library 315.312.2560

The Care Network Hold - Contact The Care Network 315.312.5648

Federal Perkins Loan Hold - Contact Financial Aid 315.312.2248

Orientation Office Hold - Contact Orientation 315.312.5522

University Police Hold - Contact Parking Office 315.312.3227

Registrar's Hold - Contact Registrar's Office 315.312.2136

Telecommunications - Contact Telecommunications 315.312.3039