International Education and Programs

The Office of International Education and Programs is responsible for education abroad, international student and scholar services and recruiting. OIEP manages programs abroad from all four schools and colleges. OIEP supports international activities of the university’s academic departments, provides support for faculty members and departments to internationalize, and encourages a vibrant international campus culture.

OIEP sends abroad over 400 students per year, from both SUNY Oswego and other campuses, on more than 80 overseas academic programs to over 30 countries. These include short-term faculty-led programs embedded in on-campus courses, research abroad under Oswego faculty members, student teaching and internship programs, and summer/semester/academic year programs. Nearly 20% of graduating students at Oswego participate in education abroad, making Oswego one of the leading campuses for study abroad in the SUNY system.

OIEP welcomes an increasing number of international students to SUNY Oswego. Over 200 international students enroll in SUNY Oswego each year, from over a dozen different countries, as degree-seeking undergraduates, graduate students, exchange students, and to study English. OIEP offers an intensive orientation with on-going support services to our international students to welcome and integrate them into our campus and community. Visiting international scholars spend a semester or year in residence at SUNY Oswego, coming from new and existing partner universities abroad and on the Fulbright program.