Proxy access

Proxy Access allows a student to provide access to specified pages of their student information in myOswego to a third party ("proxy") such as a parent, mentor, corporate sponsor, etc. Students control what information proxies can access, as well as the length of time that they have access. The process requires that the proxy have an email address.

Instructions for proxies


There are three steps to give access to a designated Proxy: add Proxy email address, set up Proxy relationship, and authorize pages for Proxy access. Until the student completes these three steps, a Proxy will not be able to access their records.

Tell the person you are providing proxy access to to watch their email - they will receive a unique link that expires in ten days if they do not logon and create a PIN.

In myOswego, the Proxy Management page contains your proxy list. You will use it to add, change or revoke proxy access.

  • Log in to myOswego and click the Personal Information tab.
  • Click the Proxy Menu link at the bottom of the page.
  • Click Proxy Management.

To add a proxy click the Add Proxy link 

  • enter the first and last name of the person you would like to authorize
  • enter their email address
  • click the Add Proxy button at the bottom of page

Once added, click the proxy name (or the expand icon) to expand tabbed navigation with information about their proxy account. Four tabs are revealed:

The Profile tab

  • Select a Relationship for this proxy.
  • The optional Description field is your personal note about this proxy (dad, mom, company name).
  • You can control the Start and Stop dates for proxy access.
  • NOTE: There is no "save button". When you navigate off the tab, changes are saved automatically.
  • You can also reset a login PIN from this page if an existing proxy forgets their login PIN.
  • The Passphrase is also optional, but a proxy MUST provide the passphrase for identification purposes if they call the Registrar's Office, Student Accounts or Financial Aid with questions about items they are authorized to see. If you choose to assign one, you must communicate the passphrase to your proxy (use the "E-mail Passphrase" button).

The Authorizations tab to allow them to see information you choose.

  • Select the information pages your proxy should be able to access. Once authorized, your proxy will be able to view these pages when they log in.
  • Click the "E-mail Authorizations" to send the list to your proxy.
  • NOTE: There is no "save button." When you navigate off the tab, changes are saved automatically.
  • You can change Authorizations at any time that your proxy is active

The History tab provides the full history of proxy authorization activity.

The Communication tab shows the history emails sent and also allows you to resend specific messages.

  • To resend a message, click the appropriate email icon

How to remove proxy authority

  • Navigate to the Proxy Management tab.
  • Locate the proxy in the proxy list and click their name (or the expand icon).
  • In the Profile tab, you can change the Stop Date OR
  • On the Authorization tab, uncheck all pages.


When a student initiates the process to authorize proxy access, you will receive email communications with pertinent instructions and updates. The first email will contain a unique web link and action password that you must use to create a PIN to be used for future logons. You must do this within 10 days of being sent or the link will expire. If it expires, your student can re-send the email with a new link.

Once logged in to proxy access, follow the on-screen instructions.

When you view information from a student record, it will "pop up" in a separate browser window (Proxy Mode). Links and tabs on the Proxy Access page are disabled while in Proxy Mode.

You must close the pop up browser window and click the "Profile" tab on the Proxy Access page to exit Proxy Mode and re-enable navigation on the Proxy Access page.