E to F requests

Undergraduate students can invoke the E to F policy once. Please work closely with an academic advisor when considering if / when to request E to F.

A student who changes their major may request to have E grades from the previous major(s) changed into F grades. The request will be approved when all of the following conditions have been met:

  • The E grade was earned in a course that is required for the old major (e.g., core, cognates, prerequisites). This policy does not apply to elective courses in the old major.
  • The E grade was earned in a course that is not required for the new major (e.g., it is not part of the core, cognates, or prerequisites of the new major). This course can be an elective in the new major.
  • The student's most recently completed semester was a Successful Semester
  • The student has successfully completed a core course in the new major with a grade of C- or better.
  • The student has not previously benefited from this E to F policy.

Note - the Successful Semester concept applies to Fall and Spring only. A student is deemed to have had a Successful Semester if the student:
  a) has a semester GPA of 2.0 or above AND
  b) has received (A through D-, P, S, H, or IP) in 12 credits for the semester when full-time.

Benefit / Intended use:
E grades negatively impact GPA, F grades do not. This policy can be invoked - once - to minimize the negative impact on GPA, as opposed to repeating course(s) no longer applicable to the current field of study.

To request E to F, undergraduate students should submit a request to registrar@oswego.edu using their official Oswego email with the subject of "E to F request". A brief online form will be provided. When the form is submitted, students are contacted with an assessment of which courses are eligible under this policy.