Staff directory

To ensure that your query/request reaches an appropriate staff member, please send emails to

Jerret LeMay, Registrar
307A Culkin Hall 315.312.5408

Tracey Green, Associate Registrar - curriculum, grading, transfer evaluation, permanent records, transcripts
301A Culkin Hall 315.312.2180

Shelly St. John, Associate Registrar - Degree Works, curriculum, degree conferral, teacher certification
308 Culkin Hall 315.312.2235

Patti Burnett, Assistant Registrar - course building and scheduling, registration, front desk operations
301B Culkin Hall 315.312.6414

Norm Berlin - Academic Records Coordinator - academic history, transfer evaluation and equivalencies, readmission
302A Culkin Hall 315.312.3751

Michele Merritt - course building and scheduling, registration, front desk
301B Culkin Hall 315.312.3614

Mari Miniatt - Degree Works, graduation application, teacher certification
301C Culkin Hall 315.312.2235

Emily Skellington - permanent records, transcripts, grade changes, off-campus study, transfer articulation
301E Culkin Hall 315.312.2180

[vacant] - Secretary to the Registrar - registration, course building and scheduling, front desk, readmission
301 Culkin Hall 315.312.2136