Transfer equivalency information

View SUNY Oswego's Transfer Course Guide

Approved SUNY GenEd courses can be found using the "Approved SUNY-GER Course Dashboards" on the SUNY Student Mobility Site

If you are looking for an approved Foreign Language General Education course, make sure the course is equivalent to Oswego’s foreign language level 102. Oswego’s foreign language requirement is more rigorous than SUNY’s. The only exceptions to this rule are students who have an articulation agreement due to an approved SUNY two-year degree; foreign language at the 101 level is required in those cases. The Registrar's Office MUST have an official transcript on file showing the posted degree.

If you are looking for an approved fine and performing arts General Education course, make sure the course(s) add up to a minimum of three credits. Some courses meet the requirement but may only be worth one or two credits, so more than one course may be necessary.

If a course is listed on either of these two sites, and you are transferring the course back to Oswego, you will need to complete an off-campus study approval form, but it will only require your signature and your advisor’s signature. If you have any questions regarding either of these websites or the procedure for off-campus study approval, please contact the Registrar's Office at 315.312.2180.

Note: For Graduate level transfer credit, please refer to the Graduate Studies site