General Education

The basic foundation of General Education at SUNY Oswego consists of a set of required categories along with a group of categories under the heading of Student Choice from which approved courses can be taken in order to meet the total number of categories and credit hours required.  Over time, both have changed (see links below for details).  Beginning with 2022-2023 the number of required categories for students entering in that academic year and after increased to six (6) and the total number of credit hours necessary rose accordingly.  The SUNY competencies of critical thinking, oral communication, and information management are infused in each major, as is a substantial writing requirement in the major over and above that required in the SUNY general education.

In addition to the basic foundation remaining true, your general education requirement also remains true to the fundamental principle that general education plays a foundational role in preparing Oswego graduates to better engage in and contribute to the world.  It helps students hone the skills and habits of thought necessary to do well in university and, crucially, are critical to a life well lived after graduation. The choice element built into general education affords each student the opportunity to tailor their specific general education to best fit particular courses of study and personal interests.

Tables/Templates of Requirements

General Education categories and credit hour requirement for students entering Oswego by undergraduate year(s):
AY 2023-2024 and after
AY 2022-2023 (note DISJUS required for incoming students, optional for continuing students)
AY 2020-2021 & AY 2021-2022 (note DISJUS optional for incoming and continuing students)
AY 2013-2014 through AY 2019-2020 (note DISJUS not included)

This link will lead you to a brief statement of the thinking underpinning the particulars of GE21. Working with your advisor and the GE21 template you can construct a general education program that does more than simply meet requirements: your general education program can help you to make connections between courses and, crucially, between yourself and the world.

Assessment of Student Learning

Summary Report CY 2022
Summary Report CY 2021
Summary Report CY 2020
Summary Report CY 2019
Summary Report CY 2018
Summary Report CY 2017
Summary Report CY 2016
Summary Report CY 2015
Summary Report CY 2014

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