Oswego Reading Initiative (ORI)

Standing committee charged with the selection of the summer reading book, program publicity, the development of auxiliary materials to support the initiative, and the development of supportive campus-wide programming. This committee needs broad representation from the campus, as there is a great deal of reading and discussion on the best choice of book and use of that selection across campus. This community does meet about three times in the summer as well as during the academic year. Membership is open to the entire campus community. In addition, there is representation from the general Oswego community.

Membership for 2021-2022:

Rameen Mohammadi, Chair, Associate Provost
Deborah Bauder, Penfield Library
Cheryl Beck, Curriculum & Instruction
Eric Blanchard, Political Science
Xose Pereira Boan, Modern Languages
Emily Bovier, Psychology
Mallory Bower, First Year Experience program
Cory Brosch, Counseling Services Center
Anne Caraley, Physics
Michael Chaness, Anthropology
Christine Clay, Graduate Studies
Anthony Contento, Community member
Craig DeLancey, Philosophy
Ranjit Dighe, Economics
Catherine Early, Community member
Lisa Glidden, Political Science
Roberta Hurtado, English & Creative Writing
Carolina Ilie, Physics
Jennifer Kagan, Curriculum & Instruction
Alicia King, Advising Center
Anneke McEvoy, Deputy Coordinator for Title IX & Diversity & Inclusion
Mary McGowan, Accounting, Finance and Law
Mark Mirabito, Psychology
Kenneth Nichols, English & Creative Writing
Anne Pagano, Accountin g, Finance and Law
Mihai Paraschiv, Economics
Rebecca Peters, Anthropology
Mary Ann Preston, Institutional Research
Michelle St. John, Registrars Office
Donna Steiner, English and Creative Writing
Mary Toale, President's Office
Georgina Whittingham, Modern Languages

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