Human Subjects Committee

The faculty, staff, and students of SUNY Oswego are obligated to comply with US Department of Health and Human Services regulations for the protection of human participants in research. Any member of the campus community participating in a research project (including but not limited to laboratory experiments, field studies, and interviews) is entitled to be free from possible injury and/or psychological harm and to maintain his/her personal privacy. The committee was formed to ensure that these guidelines are followed, therefore protecting human research participants studied by researchers on our campus.

The Human Subjects Committee (also known as, SUNY Oswego's IRB) is comprised of members from diverse backgrounds to promote complete and adequate review of research activities covered by this assurance.

Before submitting a research protocol for review, please read through the SUNY Oswego HSC Policies and Procedures Manual below.

SUNY Oswego HSC Policies and Procedures Manual 

New Protocol Submission

All new IRB protocols must be submitted through Google Forms. Before submitting you will be asked to log into your SUNY Oswego Google account if you have not done so already. Exempt and expidited reviews will take 1-2 weeks for review. Full committee reviews will occour monthly. If you think that your protocol is greater than minimal risk, or if it involves a protected class, please submit your protocol least two (2) weeks in advance of the next scheduled HSC meeting.

SUNY Oswego Human Subject Committee Research Protocol Form

Informed Consent (SAMPLE)

Individual Investigator Agreement

Submit your complete protocol and all associated documents

HSC Protocol Review Process

HSC Protocol Submission Flow Chart

CITI Training

Beginning Fall 2018, it is imperative that all individuals who will be conducting research involving human subjects complete the appropriate CITI Training modules.   

To access training modules and to set up an account, please create a CITI Account and follow the prompts provided.

For assistance with this process, please review the CITI Training Guidance Document

Is your research exempt?

Please complete this Google Form to determine if your research may be exempt under the common rule. Be sure to submit the form when you have completed it. Your email and any information submitted will only be visible to HSC administrators. If you have completed this form and the CITI training, and you are still unsure about your research, please contact

Even if you believe that your research is exempt, you must still complete and submit a protocol application form. The HSC chair will determine if the research is exempt during the pre-review stage, and a letter of exempt status will be sent to your email for your records. 

Leaving Oswego?

All active and ongoing research involving human subjects that is expedited or greater than minimal risk requires continual oversight by an IRB.

Therefore, if you are leaving SUNY Oswego, there are a few options available to you:

Transfer your studies to another institution – The Oswego HSC will work with your new institution to ensure that there is continued coverage for your research study. As soon as possible, please let ORSP know that you are leaving Oswego and that you wish to have your study transferred to your new institution.

Transfer to another PI – If taking your study with you is not an option, the study may remain open if another  PI is identified. Once the new PI is ready, you will submit a modification to change the PI on your study. 

Close the study – If you are not interested in continuing with your study or are just not able to carry on for various reasons, you will need to close your study. If your study is funded, it is always a good idea to check in with your funding agency about whether closing your study is possible. You will also want to think about what you will do with the data that has been collected. And a friendly reminder – if the data are identifiable, it is not permissible to analyze these data without current and active IRB approval.  

Please contact if you have any further questions, or to begin this process. 

Modifying an Existing Protocol

Any proposed changes to previously approved human subjects research must be reviewed and approved by the HSC prior to implementation. Protocol approvals are only valid for one year after approval. If you are making a change from a protocol that was submitted under the previous process, we ask that you submit a new protocol under the new process. This process will help us ensure that we are collecting the necessary data for your protcol. Next year, once all protocols have changed over, we will implement a modification procedure. 

Continuing Your Work

If you are planning on continuing your previously approved work, please complete a protocol submission through the new process before your protocol expires (1-year after approval). 

Membership for 2019-2020

Michele Thornton, Interim Chair, School of Business
Barry Friedman, School of Business
Deborah Furlong, Institutional Research and Assessment
Sabine Ingerson, Community Member
Elizabeth Keida, Health Promotion and Wellness
Theo Rhodes, Psychology
Jaclyn Schildkraut, Public Justice
Laura Spenceley, Counseling & Psychological Services
Kristin Lee Sotak, School of Business
Bastian Tenbergen, Computer Science
Katherine Thweatt, Communication Studies

Fall 2019 HSC Meeting Dates

If you think that your protocol is greater than minimal risk, or if it involves a protected class, please submit your protocol least two (2) weeks in advance of the next scheduled HSC meeting.

Fall 2019 Meeting Dates

September 16th

October 28th

November 25th

If you have any questions about related to HSC or the process of submitting a protocol, please contact:

Marcus Durso
Research Committee Coordinator

Information for Members

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