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If you are interested in securing external funding for scholarly activity or research, contact 
Julie Marte  (x2561, or Maria Nakamura (x2884, to discuss your project needs.

Other resources

  • SPIN - A funding upportunity search tool which is available to faculty and staff.  With SPIN you can search for funding in your areas of interest.  Create an account to customize automated emails with funding opportunities.
  • Faculty Profile - Tell us what areas you are interested in obtaining funding.

Determining if an award is a "grant" or a "gift"

A “Grant” (also referred to as a ‘sponsored program’), is administered by the Office for Research and Sponsored Programs (ORSP) in accordance to policies established by The Research Foundation of SUNY (RF)

A “Gift”, can be administered by either ORSP/RF or managed by the Oswego College Foundation, Inc.

In instances where it is not readily apparent if the award is a “Grant” or when a “Gift” is
received, ORSP and the Oswego College Foundation, Inc. will collaborate to review the
award and associated documentation and make the appropriate determination.

Please see our AWARDS: GRANTS VS. GIFTS guide for additional information.

Proposal preparation

ORSP has a variety of services available to assist you while you are preparing your proposal.  We offer assistance with budget preparation, editing and critiquing proposals and will review the components of the proposal to ensure it is in compliance with sponsor guidelines and internal policies.

  • Proposal guidance and editing, contact Bill Bowers x5631
  • Budget preparation and coordinating proposal submission, contact Julie Marte x2561 or Maria Nakamura x2884

Access an online copy of the Routing Sheet which is used to obtain required campus approvals prior to proposal submission.  Prior to circulating a routing sheet, work with ORSP to develop your budget and narrative. 

Conflict of Interest Disclosures

The PACS (Pre-Award and Compliance System) Conflict of Interest ​(COI) disclosure must be completed annually for Principal Investigators.  See the following links for the Conflict of interest and PHS Conflict of Interest Policies, and training guide. 

COI training is required at least every 4 years for each Investigator on PHS (NIH, CDC, etc) grants and for all those completing a PACS COI disclosure.  Training is provided by CITI programIf you do not already have an account with CITI, register and select SUNY - College of Oswego as your Organization Affiliation.  

Proposal submission notice

Proposals must be complete and forwarded to ORSP at least 5 business days prior to the sponsor deadline. This will allow time to review the application for compliance with sponsor requirements, to obtain administrative approvals and for a successful electronic submission. See the Proposal Submission Policy for details.

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