Making travel arrangements in advance can alleviate last-minute difficulties and ensure that travel resources are available. Some sponsors have travel conditions or restrictions, so it is best to consult with ORSP staff if you have any unusual travel circumstances or are uncertain of sponsor or Research Foundation travel policies.

Expenditures of grant funds for business travel must be:

  • Necessary: The primary benefit must be to the institution or the purposes of the sponsor's award or contract, not an individual's personal benefit.
  • Reasonable: The expense is not extreme or excessive, and reflects a prudent decision to incur the expense commensurate with the business purpose.
  • Appropriate: The expense is suitable and fitting in the context of the valid business purpose.

The full Research Foundation for SUNY Travel Policy Handbook can be accessed for more detailed information.

Travel payment forms and checklists:  Travel expenses related to sponsored projects and grants must be documented on RF Travel Forms, not SUNY travel forms.

The Research Foundation for SUNY now has an option for direct deposit in regard to program related reimbursements, for example travel or supply cost reimbursements. This is not linked to payroll direct deposit, and can be cancelled at any time. If an individual has not received travel or supply reimbursements in the past, please contact ORSP for a TIN/Supplier Number prior to submitting the ACH application.

^ When the PI is also the traveler, there must be a counter-signature from PI's chair, dean, or Associate Provost for Research to attest to the fact that the travel was appropriate.