Technology Transfer

Technology Transfer Process

If you are a SUNY Oswego-affiliated individual and you believe you may have developed a novel method, device, process, material, software or any other form of invention that may have a commercial potential, you are obligated under the “SUNY Policy on Patents and Inventions” to disclose it to the commercialization office at Research Foundation (RF) for SUNY Central Office. Our campus technology transfer representative within RF Central Office can then begin the assessment process and ensure that valuable rights are protected.

  1. Disclosure: The first step is to report - or disclose - your invention by filling out a “New Technology Disclosure (NTD)” via the RFSUNY "Inventor Portal". If you are new to the "Inventor Portal", click the "Request Account" button.
    At this point you may want to become familiar with the “SUNY Policy on Patents and Inventions” and talk to the Associate Provost for Research Development and Administration at SUNY Oswego and/or with the Technology Transfer Coordinator at RF Central Office.

  2. Assessment: Technology transfer staff at RF Central Office in consultation with ORSP at SUNY Oswego will evaluate your invention for patentability and commercial potential. Campus administration and RF Operations Manager will review patent strategy and feasibility for covering fees/costs associated with each stage of the patenting process.

  3. Protection: If the assessment is positive, designated RF Central Office staff will work with you to protect the invention by filing a patent application or other form of protection. A helpful flowchart of the patenting process can be found on the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) website.

  4. Marketing: If the patenting process is successful, designated RF Central Office staff will seek potential commercial partners to make your technology available to the public.


If you are ready to begin the process, please complete in full and submit a “New Technology Disclosure (NTD)” via the RFSUNY "Inventor Portal". We will then initiate the assessment step with RF Central Office.

For more information about technology development in general and the role RF Central Office plays in the process, feel free to contact Steven Wood at RF Central Office (phone: 518-434-7196; email: