Travel: general information

Travel advances:

  • Travel advances are available if needed.  Requests should be submitted to ORSP at least two weeks prior to the travel dates.
  • To obtain an advance, complete a Travel Advance Payment Request form, detailing the travel dates, destinations, estimated expenses, and purpose for travel.
  • Normally an advance will cover a portion of lodging and meals, and 100 percent of transportation.
  • Travel advances are to be reconciled using the Travel Reimbursement Request form within 20 days of the completion of a trip.
    • Any unused funds must be returned to The Research Foundation, in accordance with Research Foundation Travel Policy.
  • No additional travel advances will be issued if a prior advance has not been reconciled.

Meetings and conference registration payments

  • ORSP can mail registration forms and payments directly to the conference or meeting facilitator. Due to additional time that may be required in mailing a payment, please submit completed forms and documentation to ORSP with ample lead time for processing.
  • If the project director wants to send the registration form and payment directly to meeting organizers, the project director can request reimbursement from ORSP.

Travel reimbursement forms/travel advance reconciliation

  • When the PI is also the traveler, there must be a counter-signature from PI's chair, dean or Associate Provost for Research to attest to the fact that the travel was appropriate.

Travel Time Reporting for Non-Exempt Employees

  • There are times when nonexempt Research Foundation employees may travel to different locations other than the main work site as part of their normal work duties. The new Travel Time Reporting for Nonexempt Employees procedure states the pay rules that apply to nonexempt employees when traveling on company business. The procedure is posted on the RF website under Policies, Procedures, Forms / Procedures A to Z and under Policies, Procedures, Forms / By Topic / Human Resources.
Last Updated: Wednesday, April 17, 2019 - 3:02pm