Campus Environment Advisory Council

Advisory to appropriate administrative officers - the Campus Environmental Advisory Council acts in an advisory capacity to the president on issues affecting the campus landscaping and exterior environment. Its purview is limited to the outside of campus buildings. Membership: key players include Maintenance, Biological Field Station, Conference Services, Alumni, Public Safety, and Housing. The council also encourages the participation of faculty, emeriti faculty, community representatives, and students.

Membership for 2021-2022:

Emily Bovier, Psychology
Cory Brosch, Counseling Services
Thomas Brown, Chemistry
Anne Caraley, Physics
Michael Chaness, Anthropology
Maureen Curtin, English & Creative Writing
Tiffany Deater, Cinema & Screen Studies
Karin Dykeman, Technology
Juliet Forshaw, Music
Lenuta Giukin, Modern Languages & Literatures
Lisa Glidden, Political Science
Jinyan Guo, Biological Sciences
Gwen Kay, History/Honors program
Erin Kovalsky, Penfield Library
Nicolette Lukacs,Residence Life & Housing
Grace Maxon-Clarke, Educational Opportunity Program
Mary McGowan, Accounting, Finance & Law
Ampalavanar Nanthakumar, Mathematics
Mary Ann Preston, Institutional Research
Jeremy Shifton, Criminal Justice
Sarah Smelko, student
Katherine Spector, Office of Sustainability, Chair
Elizabeth Wilcox, Mathematics