Campus Environment Advisory Council

Advisory to appropriate administrative officers - the Campus Environmental Advisory Council acts in an advisory capacity to the president on issues affecting the campus landscaping and exterior environment. Its purview is limited to the outside of campus buildings. Membership: key players include Maintenance, Biological Field Station, Conference Services, Alumni, Public Safety, and Housing. The council also encourages the participation of faculty, emeriti faculty, community representatives, and students.

Membership for 2017-2018:

Jamie Adams, Sustainability Office
Pamela Caraccioli, President's Office
Anthony Contento, Biological Sciences
J. Mitchell Fields, Campus Design and Construction
Chris Hebblethwaite, Chairperson, Penfield Library
Michael Lotito, Sustainability Office
Betsy McTiernan, Professor Emeritus
Jerome Oberst, Admissions
John Rossi, University Police
Breanna Smith, Admissions
Katherine Spector, Mathematics