Campus Safety Advisory Committee

The Campus Safety Advisory Committee is a multidisciplinary team of faculty, staff and students that work collaboratively to foster a safe and healthy campus environment.  The primary focus and role of this committe is to review current campus security policies and procedures and make recommendations for their improvement.

Membership (2023-24)

Christy Huynh, Office of the Dean of Students (co-chair)
Shelly Sloan, Office of the Dean of Students (co-chair)
Kenneth Ayhens, Environmental Health and Safety
Katelyn Barber, Atmospheric & Geological Sciences
Brandon Bennett, Office of Student Conduct
Brandon Canale, Campus Technology Services
Brian Clyne, University Police
Jake Czaplicki, Student
Celinet Duran, Faculty, Criminal Justice
Lisa Evaneski, Title IX
Jessica Harris, Faculty, Health Promotion and Wellness
Stephanie Hudson, Office of Student Conduct
Kathleen Locklear, Faculty, Accounting Finance and Law
Ryan Lynn, Syracuse Campus
Megan Marks, Office of Student Conduct
Michele May, Office of the Assistant Vice President for Academic Support
Wendy McManus, Intercollegiate Athletics
Melissa Paestella, Campus Events and Conference Services
Katherine Spector, Sustainability
Scott Swayze, University Police
Patrick Woodward, Residence Life and Housing
Judith Wyman-Collette, Theater Department
Eloni Zepeda, Student

Annual Report 2022-23