New Faculty & Professional Staff Orientation Committee

The mission of this committee is to provide new faculty with the information and social support necessary for them to make a successful transition to the campus. The main task of the committee is to create a welcoming environment on campus by planning, coordinating, and implementing the new faculty orientation program prior to the beginning of classes. In addition, the committee provides ongoing opportunities for professional growth and development through the Center for Teaching and Innovation. Finally, by surveying the needs of new faculty, the committee tries to remain responsive to the changing needs of new faculty as they arise. Membership: there should be representation from each school, the Office of Human Resources, new faculty from the preceding year, and other interested parties.

Membership for 2021-2022:

Rameen Mohammadi, Chair, Associate Provost
Steve Abraham, Marketing & Management
Graig Arcuri, Accounting, Finance & Law
Lyn Blanchfield, History
Nancy Concadoro, Human Resources
Maureen Curtin, English and Creative Writing
Katharine Dutton, CTS
Kristen Eichhorn, Graduate Studies
Kathleen Evans, Academic Support Services
Ellen Gooch, Penfield Library
Robert Hageny, CTS
Bonita Hampton, Curriculum & Instruction
Jennifer Hill, University Development
Mohammad Islam, Physics
John Kane, Economics
Laura Kelly, Alumni Office
Greg Ketcham, Extended Learning
Jennifer Knapp, School of Communication, Media & the Arts
Rachel Lee, Atmospheric & Geological Sciences
Kayle Light-Curtin, Advisement Center
Nicolette Lukacs, Residence Life & Housing
Mangala Nanthakumar, Environmental Health & Safety
Timan Nekritz, Public Affairs
Jaclyn Schildkraut, Criminal Justice
Melissa Semione, Extended Learning
Laura Spenceley, Graduate Studies
Margaret Spillet, Alumni & Development
Katherine Thweatt, Communication Studies
Mary Toale, President's Office
Kevin Velzy, University Police
Zachary Vickery, Penfield Library
Jacqueline Wallace, Career Services
Karen Wolford, Psychology
Honghua Zhao, International Studies