Institute for Global Engagement (IGE)

The mission of the Institute for Global Engagement (IGE) is to promote scholarly and creative collaborations to expand world awareness, deepen intercultural understanding, and foster respect for diversity and difference. IGE and its various subcommittees constitute an active network of faculty, staff and students dedicated to the comprehensive internationalization of our campus through initiatives including professional development, curriculum innovation, support for visiting scholars and international students, cultural and academic event programming, Fulbright student mentoring, participation in Phi Beta Delta honor society, and other efforts. More information at

Membership for 2019-2020:

Gonzalo Aguiar, Modern Languages & Literature
Lizette Alvarado, International Education
Kim Armani, Syracuse branch campus
Paul Babiarz, Accounting, Finance & Law
Deborah Bauder, Penfield Library
Evelyn Benavides, Sociology
Kathleen Blake, Anthropology
Lyn Blanchfield, History
Thomas Brown, Chemistry
Marcia Burrell, Curriculum and Instruction
Sheila Cooley, EXCEL
Jenna Currie-Mueller, Communication Studies
Ebru Altay Damkaci, Extended Learning
Ana Djukic-Cocks, Modern Languages
Benjamin Entner, Art
Amanda Fenlon, Curriculum and Instruction
Lisa Glidden, Political Science
Alla Gul, Institutional Research
Candis Haak, History
Roberta Hurtado, English & Creative Writing
Christy Huynh, Career Services
Taeko Kelly, Career Services
Kathryn Johns-Masten, Penfield Library
Jing Lei, Anthropology
Lisa Langlois, Art
Grace Maxon-Clarke, EOP
Christopher McEvoy, Art
Jessica McGiff, Registrar
Joshua McKeown, International Education
Ulises Mejias, IGE Director & Chair
Kamal Mohamed, Biological Sciences
Micah Morton, Anthropology
Ampalavanar Nanthakumar, Mathematics
Vadoud Niri, Chemistry
Jerome Oberst, Admissions
Joanne O’Toole, Curriculum and Instruction
Bruce Peng, Curriculum and Instruction
Ritu Radhakrishnan, Curriculum and Instruction
Casey Raymond, Chemistry
Lynne Rhys, Penfield Library
Magdalena Rivera, Student Involvement
Stephen Rosow, Political Science
Lynne Rhys, Penfield Library
Maria Sagot, Biological Sciences
Mamta Saxena, Human Development
Lisa Seppi, Art
Karen Shockey, Penfield Library
Jessica Slack, Financial Aid
Barbara St. Michel, Campus Life
Joseph Stabb, Communication Studies
Angelina Storelli, Residence Life and Housing
Francisco Suarez, Communication Studies
Michele Thornton, Marketing & Management
Miranda Traudt, ArtSwego
Leigh Viscomi, Residence Life and Housing
Murat Yasar, History
Hui Zhang, Electrical and Computer Engineering

ex officio: