Committee on Learning and Teaching

Purpose is to further excellence in learning and teaching on the campus. It works closely with the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching in an advisory capacity. It is also responsible for the oversight of the Faculty Enhancement Awards for Curriculum and Program Development and the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. Membership is open to all members of the campus community and profits from a large and diverse membership. This committee meets on Tuesday mornings.

Membership for 2017-2018:

Lyudmyla Ardan, Economics
Kathleen Blake, Anthropology
Emily Bovier, Psychology
William Bosch, Computer Science
Marcia Burrell, Curriculum and Instruction
Gloria Canale, Modern Languages and Literature
Kristen Flint, Extended Learning
Jessica Harris, Health Promotion & Wellness
Laura Harris, Penfield Library
Olga Kraszpulska, Theatre
Rachel Lee, Atmospheric & Geological Sciences
Donna Matteson, Technology Education
Pat Pacitti, Office of Learning Services
Allison Peer, Office of Learning Support
Mary Ann Preston, Institutional Research
Laura Sandroni, Experiential Learning
Damian Schofield, Human Computer Interaction
Karen Shockey, Penfield Library
Murat Yasar, History
Hui Zhang, Electrical and Computer Engineering

ex officio:

John Kane, Director, CELT
Rebecca Mushtare, Associate Director, CELT
Rameen Mohammadi, Associate Provost for Undergraduate and Special Programs