Committee on Learning and Teaching

Purpose is to further excellence in learning and teaching on the campus. It works closely with the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching in an advisory capacity. It is also responsible for the oversight of the Faculty Enhancement Awards for Curriculum and Program Development and the President’s Award for Excellence in Teaching. Membership is open to all members of the campus community and profits from a large and diverse membership. This committee meets on the first Thursday of every month.

Membership for 2023-2024:

Allison Ayotte, Office of Learning Services
Deborah Bauder, Penfield Library
Amy Bidwell, Health, Promotion & Wellness
Emily Bovier, Psychology
Rasika Churchill, Mathematics
Kristin Croyle, Dean-CLAS
Jennifer Fogel, Communication Studies
Leah Galka, Office of Business & Community Relations
Terrian Garvis, Institute for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Transformative Practice
Theresa Gilliard-Cook, Extended Learning
Zachary Gold, Human Development
Joan Gujarati, Curriculum & Instruction
Sarah Hanusch, Mathematics
Jessica Harris, Health Promotion & Wellness, COLT Chair
Laura Harris, Distance & Open Education Librarian
Douglas Hemphill, Extended Learning
Heather Holcomb, Accounting, Finance & Law
Gregory Ketchum, Extended Learning
Rachel Lee, Atmospheric & Geological Science
Donna Matteson, Technology Education
Star Matteson, Career & Technical Education
Matthew McLeskey, Criminal Justice
Zoe Misiewicz, Mathematics
Carrie Mocyk, Extended Learning
Sean Moriarty, Director of CTS
Joanne O'Toole, Curriculum and Instruction
Bruce Peng, Linguistics
Samantha Quinn, Communication Studies
David Sargent, Human Development
Michelle Storie, Counseling & Psychological Services
Casey Towne, Penfield Library
Andrea Vickery, Communication Studies
Amy Wallace, International Education
Carol Willard, School of Educations Deans office

ex officio:
John Kane, Director, CELT
Margaret Schmuhl, Criminal Justice