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School of Education

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Counseling & Psychological Services (CPS)

Finnerty, Sean
Gonzalez, Tiphanie
Klefbeck, Melissa (CPS Secretary)
LeBlanc, Michael (CPS Chair)
McDougal, James
Mullen, Jodi
O'Brien, Terrance
Spenceley, Laura
Streets, Barbara
Sullivan, Tamara

Curriculum & Instruction (C&I)

Ann, Jean
Beyerbach, Barbara
Burrell, Marcia (C&I Chair)
Crary, Catherine
Davis, R Deborah
Fairbrother, Anne
Fenlon, Amanda
Frederick, Alfred 
Hallagan, Jean
Hampton, Bonita 
Kagan, Jennifer
Kane, Sharon 
Kibbey, Jacquelyn
Kyle, Sandy (C&I Advisement Coord)       
Mazzye, Doreen       
Miller, Selena (P/T C&I Secretary)      
Murray, Maria
Olson, Eric
O'Toole, Joanne
Parisian, David
Parsons, Dennis
Peng, Bruce Long
Radhakrishnan, Ritu
Ramalho, Tania
Russo, Pat
Schnorr, Roberta
Sereno, Vanessa (C&I Secretary) 
Smith, Elizabeth (C&I Advisement)
Smith, Stancy (C&I Secretary)  
Stummer, Linda 
Walsh, Christine 
Willard, Carol 
Yang, Harrison

SOE Dean's Office 

Das, Joggeshwar (Jogy) (Associate Dean) 
Michel, Pamela (Dean)
Munger, Kristen (Associate Dean)
Rasbeck, Candy (SOE Secretary)
Trionfero, Deb (SOE Secretary)
Wise, Nicole (Data Manager for Assessment)

 SOE Field Placement Office

Brown, Nichole (Field Placement Director)
Gale Law-Folds  (Secretary) 
Maxon, Rosanne  (Secretary) 

Educational Administration (EAD)  

Markert, Linda Rae
Perrotto, Angela
(EAD Chair)
Taylor, Christina (EAD Secretary)

Health Promotion & Wellness (HPW)

Bargainnier, Sandra (HPW Chair)
Bidwell, Amy
Cromie, Sharon (HPW Secretary)
Harris, Jessica
Keida, Elizabeth
Pagan, Mary
Seo, Minjung  
Yang, Stephen

Technology (Tech)

Belt, John
Belt, Judith
Bush, Richard
Davis, Teri (Tech Secretary)
Hardy, Mark (Tech Chair)
Matteson, Donna
Nehring, Michael
Springston, Mark
Tryon, Daniel
Zak, Edward

Vocational Teacher Preparation (VTP)

Basualdo, Eugenio
Martin, Margaret (VTP Chair)
Ogwo, Benjamin
Taylor, Christina (VTP Secretary)
Woodworth, Jan