Faculty and staff directory

Duffy, Jason
Email: jason.duffy@oswego.edu
Phone: 312.3472

Finnerty, Sean - Coordinator of School Counseling (Counseling Services) Program
Email: sean.finnerty@oswego.edu
Phone: 312.3494

Gonzalez, Tiphanie
Email: tiphanie.gonzalez@oswego.edu  
Phone: 312.3402

Klefbeck, Melissa - Department Secretary
Email: melissa.klefbeck@oswego.edu
Phone: 312.4051

LeBlanc, Michael - Department Chair
Email: michael.leblanc@oswego.edu
Phone: 312.3282
Web Page: http://www.oswego.edu/~leblanc/

McDougal, James - Coordinator of School Psychology Program
Email: james.mcdougal@oswego.edu
Phone: 312.3275

Mullen, Jodi
Email: jodi.mullen@oswego.edu
Phone: 312.3496
Web Page: http://www.oswego.edu/~jmullen/

Spenceley, Laura
Email: laura.spenceley@oswego.edu
Phone: 312.3172

Streets, Barbara
Email: barbara.streets@oswego.edu
Phone: 312.3298

Sullivan, Tami - Coordinator of Mental Health Counseling and Play Therapy Programs
Email: tamara.sullivan@oswego.edu
Phone: 312.3489