Fingerprinting Requirement

As of July 2, 2001, under the Schools Against Violence in Education Legislation, applications for new teaching certificates are subject to a fingerprint-supported criminal history background check. Background checks are required for all school personnel, including applicants for certification and all educational services (BOCES).

Fingerprinting clearance is one of the requirements of the New York State Education Department for certification. Many of SUNY Oswego’s partner districts request that candidates complete the fingerprinting process before a placement can be approved. Although not required, it is recommended candidates complete the fingerprinting process one semester prior to placement.    

SUNY Oswego recommends all candidates be fingerprinted prior to student teaching for Childhood Education, Adolescence Education, TESOL, CTE, and Technology Education majors as well as prior to starting internships for School Counseling and School Psychology majors.   

The fingerprinting process has undergone major changes as of summer 2015. NYSED is no longer processing fingerprint applications and SUNY Oswego University Police can no longer provide fingerprinting services for Teacher Certification. To complete the Fingerprinting/Background check required for teacher certification in New York, you must first go to the MorphoTrust website and click on New York State on the map. Follow the links to complete an application, schedule an appointment and find a fingerprinting location. You may also call (877) 472-6915 if you prefer to make your appointment over the phone. 

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For complete information that will include new procedures that were put in place as of July 14, 2017, visit the following website: