Supplementary certification

This information is for teachers who already possess a New York State classroom teaching certificate and are interested in becoming certified in an additional classroom teaching subject.

Supplementary Certificate

Except in the areas of Childhood Special Education, Childhood Literacy, Adolescence Literacy Teacher Certification, School Building/District Leadership, School Counseling, School Psychology, SUNY Oswego cannot recommend you for any additional certificates you may wish to apply for. We can only recommend you for certification in the area in which you earned your degree here at SUNY Oswego. You will be applying for the additional certificate through direct application to New York State via the TEACH pathway of Individual Evaluation for an Additional Certification.

You will need to complete coursework similar to that of an undergraduate major in the specific discipline or content area and earn a passing score on the current NYS Content Specialty Test (CST) or the revised CST.  You must also complete the required workshops (generally taken as part of your coursework) and fingerprinting clearance.

Your transcript will be individually reviewed by New York State or a BOCES Regional Certification Office. We recommend you work directly with BOCES to identify the specific coursework you will need for your additional certification(s).

Coaching Certificate

Upon graduating with a minor in Athletic Coaching, you can apply independently to TEACH for your coaching certificate.  A coaching certificate in each sport you are applying will cost you $50.

SUNY Oswego cannot recommend you for a Coaching Certificate.  Please review the Guidelines for the Coaching Requirements

Search for specific information at: Search Certification Requirements
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