Councils and Standing Committees

Administrative Advisory Council

The faculty of the School of Education is organized into six departments. Each department in the School of Education elects a chairperson (confirmed by administrative appointment) who represents the faculty of that department on the School of Education Administrative Advisory Council (AAC). The Associate Deans, Field Placement Coordinator, Data Manager for Assessment, and the chair of Faculty Council are also members of the AAC, which meets with the Dean regularly.  

2022-23 Membership

  • Laura Spenceley, Dean
  • Kristen Munger, Associate Dean
  • Nicole Wise, Associate Dean of Assessment and Accreditation 
  • Trinity Engle, Data Manager for Assessment
  • Vanessa Sereno, Administrative Assistant to the Dean
  • Nichole Brown, Clinical Practice and Partnerships Office Director
  • Michael LeBlanc, Counseling & Psychological Services Chair
  • Amy Bidwell, Health Promotion & Wellness Chair
  • Richard Bush, Technology Chair
  • Angela Perrotto, Educational Leadership Chair
  • Ritu Radhakrishnan, Curriculum & Instruction Chair 
  • Joanne O'Toole, Curriculum & Instruction Associate Chair
  • Benjamin Ogwo, Career & Technical Educator Chair
  • Jan Woodworth, Faculty Council Chair

Faculty Council

Faculty Council is composed of faculty representatives from each of the six academic departments in the School of Education, plus professional staff and candidate representatives. The Associate Deans are ex officio members. 

Faculty Council:

  • Makes recommendations to the Dean and provides faculty leadership to accomplish the long and short-term goals of the School of Education;
  • Develops and implements unit-wide academic policies and procedures;
  • Reviews and makes recommendations regarding departmental curriculum and program initiatives to the Dean; and
  • Organizes faculty participation in the SOE's Standing Committees and General SOE Faculty meetings.

Standing Committees

Membership on any of the SOE's Standing Committees listed below is open to all SOE faculty, professional staff, and relevant partners. Faculty Council and the Dean work together to ensure that there is Faculty Council and Administrative Advisory Committee representation on each committee to facilitate unit-wide communication on these important issues:

Assessment Committee

Develops policies and procedures for implementing our Unit Assessment System and using data to improve programs across the unit. The group meets monthly to review policies/procedures and data summaries; and makes recommendations to the Dean and departments.

Assessment and Quality Assurance Handbook


Diversity Committee

The Diversity Committee makes recommendations to the Dean and Faculty Council to increase the diversity of the student body, the faculty, and field placements; and to increase attention to diversity issues in curriculum/programs, professional development, campus culture and the larger community. It meets monthly and also sponsors campus-wide diversity events (e.g., presentations, brown bag lunches).

Educational Technology Committee

The Educational Technology Committee concerns itself with supporting faculty and candidates in their use of technology in instruction, both on campus and in school settings. The committee meets as needed, usually once or twice a semester.

Clinical Practice and Partnerships Advisory Committee

The Clinical Practice and Partnerships Advisory Committee serves as an advisory group to the Field Placement Office, supporting unit-wide efforts to enhance collaborative relationships with school partners to increase the number of high-quality placements for candidates. The group also makes recommendations on field placement policies and procedures and seeks to improve the speed and efficiency of making placements. School administrators regularly participate in the monthly meetings.


Professional Development School Committee

The Professional Development School Committee is composed of faculty and school personnel involved in our Professional Development Schools (PDS) and Professional Development Partnership Schools (PDPS). The group meets two or three times each semester, convened by the faculty member serving as the SOE's PDS Liaison.

Peer Review Committee

The SOE's Peer Review Committee makes recommendations to the Dean about personnel decisions concerning Discretionary Salary Increases (DSI), promotions, retention and continuing appointment (tenure). It has membership from each department and follows procedures defined by the SUNY Policies of the Board of Trustees and SUNY Oswego's Faculty Assembly Bylaws.