Conceptual Framework

The faculty of the School of Education at Oswego State University believes that the role of schools is to promote authentic learning by all students. The role of educators in meeting that goal is to function as socially conscious catalysts for change who create and sustain school environments where excellence is cherished and social justice flourishes. These beliefs reflect the mission of the School of Education.

The act of weaving a braid is a visual metaphor for the interactive, recursive and transformative nature of the teaching and learning process. Educators continually weave strands of knowledge, practice, reflection, collaboration and leadership, thus creating a complex braided school fabric in which authentic learning is an everyday reality for diverse students. Concern for social justice anchors the educational process; it is the knot at the top of the braid.

Authentic Learning

Educators provide meaningful opportunities and appropriate support for all students to engage in self-directed inquiry, problem-solving, critical thinking, and reflection in real world and creative contexts.

Social Justice

Educators who graduate from Oswego State University are socially conscious catalysts for change who promote authentic learning by all students.


Educators have a deep understanding of the organizing concepts, processes, and attitudes that comprise the disciplinary knowledge base (including the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards), the pedagogical knowledge base, and the pedagogical content knowledge base.


Educators have a rich repertoire of research-based strategies for instruction, assessments, and use of educational technologies, focused on promoting authentic learning by all students.


Educators continually assess and reflect upon their professional practice in order to change and grow as life-long learners.

Collaboration and Leadership

Educators continually seek opportunities to work together, learn from one another, forge partnerships, and assume positions of responsibility and leadership.

Conceptual Framework Brochure

Conceptual Framework Document