Our Alumni

At SUNY Oswego Theatre, we take pride in offering students practical challenges and opportunities to learn by doing, which creates hands-on experience valued by employers.  Our graduates have worked as actors, directors, technicians, designers, publicists, and dramaturgs across the country and across the world.  This page chronicles some of their achievements.

Some of our successful graduates...

  • Ann Aumick ('04), Theatre Seamstress, New York State
  • Greg Brewster ('05), Electronics Specialist, SUNY Oswego Theatre
  • Kelsey Clark ('16), Stage Manager, Broadway National Tours
  • Bob Frame ('77), Director of Theatre Operations, Cayuga Community College, Auburn, NY
  • Karen Gebbia ('86), Makeup Artist, The New York Academy of Makeup, Long Island, NY
  • Juliana Hannett ('95), Vice-President, Rubenstein, New York City
  • Barry Kur ('74), Professor Emeritus, Penn State Theatre Department
  • Dawn A. Marcoccia ('93), Broadway Costumer, New York City
  • Quentin J. Mariano ('15), Electrician/Programmer, 'Love Never Dies' National Tour
  • Steve Mazzoccone ('06), Actor, New York City
  • Nicole Marlowe ('17), Entertainment Technician, Walt Disney World, Orlando
  • Megan McGarvey ('07), Actor, New York City
  • Erik R. Norris ('02), Actor, Los Angeles
  • John O'Brien ('85), Film and Television Actor, Los Angeles
  • Greg Salmon ('03), Casting Associate, 'The Young and the Restless,' Los Angeles
  • Ryan Sprague ('06), Playwright and Screenwriter, New York City
  • Ryan Benson Smith ('19), Stage Manager, Production Manager, New York City
  • Mike Racioppa ('08), Actor, New York City
  • Josh Rich ('96), Associate Master Technician, Mitzi Newhouse Theater, Lincoln Center, New York City
  • Brian Ronan ('84), Two-Time Tony Award Winning Sound Designer, New York City
  • Spencer Ventresca ('16), Artistic Directors, Sewer Rats Productions, Philadelphia
  • Eric C. Webb ('06), Dramaturg and Director of Creative Development, Davenport Theatrical Enterprises, New York City

Featured Alumni


Ryan Benson Smith '19

Acting/Directing, Stage Management, Dramaturgy

"At SUNY Oswego, I was able to have the kinds of experiences that I wanted without being expected to fit a particular mold. I was able to act, stage manage, do electrics and dramaturgy in my 4 years, where most other programs limit you to one field."

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Khari Constantine '17

Actor, Playwright, Dramaturg

"At SUNY Oswego, I discovered myself. What it means to be a person, what it means to be a person in theatre. What it means to be a black man in theatre. Discovering your worth. Discovering what hard work, dedication, and consistency can accomplish. A lot."


Kelsey Clark '16

Stage Manager

"Oswego was the perfect balance of guidance, mentorship, and freedom: anytime I approached a professor saying "hey, I want to try this new thing", they gave me the tools to learn, opportunities to try new skills, a push when I needed it and encouragement when I stretched myself too thin."


Alexandra Matsu '18

Actor, Singer, Props Master

"SUNY Oswego Theatre is a small but industrious group of people dedicated to creating as much theatre as possible, from main stage productions to one act shows, to annual cabarets. Anyone can work and learn as much as they are willing to put in the time."


Cadi Hannold '18

Stage Manager

"Oswego is such a tight-knit community. My professors really care about me and my future. I got to be part of 12 main stage productions and countless other productions in four years and I discovered the person I was meant to be. I’m grateful every day that I chose Oswego."

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