The Fantasticks

"Try to remember, and if you remember, then follow…"

October 16-26, 2019


Waterman Theatre

Luisa and Matt have been neighbors all their lives, but have just decided they are in love. Problem: their feuding parents forbid them to speak. Can a garden wall prevent passion from blossoming, or is it more complicated? A record-smashing classic of the American theatre, The Fantasticks takes us to a simpler time, where forbidden love under the moonlight is only half the story. This gentle, timeless musical delighted generations for over forty years Off-Broadway, and features lessons that resound today.

Playwright: Harvey Schmidt and Tom Jones

Director: Amy Lynn Budd

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Dead Man's Cell Phone

Would you answer the call?

November 20-23, 2019


Tyler Lab

A man sits alone at a table in a café. The cell phone in front of him begins to ring. And ring. And ring… When fellow-diner Jean finally answers the call for this recently deceased stranger, she is drawn into a murky, outrageous world of family dynamics, moral quandaries, and existential angst. In this year's Blackfriars Student Honors Production, Sarah Ruhl's surprising 2007 comedy explores how the smallest decisions can have the biggest consequences.

Playwright: Sarah Ruhl

Director: Ahmanee Simmons

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Kill Shakespeare: the Live Graphic Novel

Shakespeare's Heroes versus Shakespeare's Villains: Pick a Side.

February 20, 2020


Waterman Theatre

Imagine a parallel timeline, where Hamlet is sidetracked in his revenge plan, and is instead swept into a world of intrigue, violence, and romance with all of the heroes and villains from Shakespeare's canon. The global smash hit comic book, Kill Shakespeare, is brought to life as a Live Graphic Novel, with voice actors narrating projected comic panels for a rollicking, energetic night at the theatre. Can Hamlet, Juliet, and the rest of the resistance save Shakespeare, or will Richard the Third and Lady Macbeth's evil plan succeed?

Playwright: Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery

Director: Toby Malone

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She Kills Monsters

Roll the dice, face your demons.


Ever since her family's tragic car accident, Agnes has battled her inner demons. The death of her teenaged sister, Tilly, hit hardest of all: Agnes would never get to truly know her. Or so she thought. When Agnes finds an unplayed Dungeons & Dragons campaign Tilly created before she died, she takes up the challenge to battle demons of a different sort.  Explore this fantastical, thrilling world as Agnes role-plays her way through Tilly's campaign, navigating the most perilous quest of all: high school. Qui Nguyen's award-winning comedy brings thrills, fights, and depth to the question of what we leave behind and the ways in which we are remembered.

Playwright: Qui Nguyen

Director: Mya Brown

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Unsolicited Scripts

SUNY Oswego Theatre occasionally receives requests about the potential of submitting a newly-written play for consideration for inclusion in a future departmental season.  Due to the logistical restrictions of our season size and our directors' priority for thematic programming that matches our department's pedagogical goals, this makes the addition of unsolicited manuscripts impossible. Additionally, without dedicated resources for new play development, we are unable to offer workshop or development opportunities, and submitted scripts will not be read or returned. If you have an interest in renting the Waterman Theatre for a specific event, please refer to this link, where you may inquire about space in the busy performing schedule. We thank you for your interest.

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