Order replacement/duplicate diplomas

Replacement/duplicate diplomas can be ordered online using the Order Replacement/Duplicate Diploma Form. SUNY Oswego has retained Parchment to accept orders securely over the Internet using web encryption technology, ensuring your information is secure. Requests by phone, fax or email cannot be accepted.

You will receive notifications via email as your request is being processed. You will be provided with an authorization form that must be signed and submitted before we can mail the diploma.

NOTE: The existence of certain holds on a student record can prevent orders from being processed. You will be notified if any such holds are found on your record. These must be cleared before the diploma can be mailed.

Alumni traveling overseas for work may need to provide copies of their diplomas through the Apostille process, which authenticates the legality of documents exchanged between participating nations. If you need your diploma submitted for the Apostille process, select this option on the online order form.

Cost and Fees: The total cost for each replacement/duplicate diploma delivered via U.S. postal service is $12.50 and must be paid by a major credit card. Total cost for diplomas processed for Apostille are $23.

Replacement diplomas cannot be delivered by fax or other electronic means.

If you have additional questions about replacement diploma ordering, please call the Registrar's Office at 315.312.2275.