Academic Credit

How to Earn Credit for Your Experience

In addition to the fantastic experience, skills, references, etc. that an internship will provide, you can also arrange for academic credit!  There are strict guidelines and protocol if you want credit for your internship, and these guidelines are listed through the EXCEL in the Compass.

NY Labor Standards - Wage Requirements for Interns in For-Profit Businesses  (pdf)

NY Labor Standars - Wage Requirements for Interns in Not-For-Profit Businesses  (pdf)

*Important:  just because you find an internship through programs like Handshake or CareerShift does NOT mean it is credit-bearing.  Wondering if your opportunity can count for credit? Contact Tina Cooper, Site Coordinator with EXCEL, at or make an appointment here. You ALWAYS need to work with EXCEL well before your internship begins to obtain credit.