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Finding Experience

Believe it or not, finding an internship or other experience might be easier than you think. A quick search through our program “CareerShift” on any given day will yield over 15,000 internships country-wide, with over 1,500 in New York State. That is just ONE tool we use! Career Services can help you tailor your search to industry, geographic region, and more to help you find just the right opportunity.

Campus Resources:

  1. HireOz: Career Services is pleased to offer “HireOz” by Handshake – a customized mobile platform for you to find organizations and opportunities that match what you want!
  2. CareerShift: Career Services purchased a seat at this table so you can search the tens of thousands of opportunities to find just the right one!
  3. Academic Dept.: Explore opportunities that your academic department may have access to – faculty often have wonderful relationships with employers and/or even an internship pipeline in operation.
  4. Alumni Connections: The Alumni Office offers many programs to facilitate connections with our valued alumni, including the ASK (Alumni Sharing Knowledge) program, the AIR (Alumni-In-Residence) program, Career Connections events and more. You can also search through the roughly 45,000 alumni on LinkedIn by where they live/work, what they do, their college major, etc. 

Professional Associations: Most professional association websites (often offering free or heavily discounted membership for students) have a “Careers” section where they list internship and full-time opportunities. Do a google search for your industry + “professional association” – you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find! Check out Career Service's award-winning  What Can I Do With A Major In website and find professional organizations listed by major!

LinkedIn:. LinkedIn has an internship search engine built in that is fantastic!. Just make sure yourprofile is top notch before getting out there to far!

*If you don’t find what you are seeking, meet with a Career Coach to explore creating an internship with an organization.